Ongoing investment

Opened in January 2016, the INDASA Academy now welcomes customers from all over the world serving the broadest spectrum of industries. The Academy philosophy represents not only a major investment in the facility but also the commitment to the delivery of technical expertise and instruction. The application of best working practice is a key essential in driving efficiency for the workforce and business operation.

40 years of experience and counting

Our team of experienced technicians instruct delegates in the very latest process and application techniques utilising INDASA’s innovative range of abrasive systems and products.

The bespoke and tailored training programs develop the customer’s skill base and optimise efficiencies in the workplace.

Facilities and technology

The INDASA Academy facility is a major investment at our headquarters in Aveiro.

The purpose built construction comprises over 330 square meters.

The very latest state-of-the-art equipment and machinery has been installed to maximise the hands-on experience that delegate training requires.

  • Spray booth
  • Infrared dryer
  • Preparation areas with workstations
  • Fully integrated central extraction system
  • Separate classroom for 16 delegates - audio visual presentation
  • Full access to the complete range of INDASA materials, tools and equipment
  • Health & safety compliance at all stages